Gryffindor Head of House...

Hey everybody!

I’m here to talk about the Head of House elections. Right now the Heads of House will be in charge of things like, holding a layout contest if you want to jazz this thing up or getting the house organized if you want to enter anything in the school activities. If you’re interested in becoming your Head of House all we ask is you answer the following question:

Why do you want to be the Head of House?

Elaborate as much as you want. The deadline to get this application in is Friday at 5:00 EST. I will screen the answers and post them all together on Friday for voting.


Hello Everyone!!

I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Amber, your friendly fellow 'Gryff. Happy Belated Easter to everyone!! ^_^ I hope it was a good one.

Anyone have any good ideas for us? Are we like going to rp ourselves into the whole "gryffindor schema?" lol. If we are, that's cool w/ me...I thought I'd ask though, since there's only been one post so far.

Well, anyway...if you want to give any good ideas, comment and such...or get ahold of me somehow, I like to talk...

^_^ catch ya later!!

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