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da_gryffindor's Journal

Gryffindor Common Room
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Welcome to Gryffindor!

If you have already been sorted at da_sorting and have been staped as a Gryffindor feel free to join us in the common room. This is the community for all the gryffindors to hang out, socialize, discuss strategies, and talk Harry Potter.

A quiz for everyone to take so we can get to know eachother better:
1. Name -
2. Age -
3. Location -
4. Birthday -
5. Favourite Harry Potter book -
6. How would you spend your spare time at Hogwarts? -
7. Favourtie Harry Potter character -
8. Hobbies -
9. Likes/dislikes -
10. Do you have any suggestions for the common room? -

{ wear }


1. You must be 13 years old or older to join, this is a livejournal rule and we honor it.
2. YyPe LyK Dis!!1!!one!1 and you will be expelled. We are all intelligent human beings, not just the ravenclaws, and we should type that way.
3. If you have a very long entry with lots of picture or quizes please put it under a cut.
4. Be polite to other members and to those being sorted. Rudness will not be tolerated and house points will be taken away if need be.
5. Once stamped by one of the headmistresses you must join your common room.
6. The Headmistresses have the rights to expell anyone who doesn't follow the rules or stays inactive for a long period of time.
7. All communities exept da_sorting should be friend's locked, so make sure your posts are friends only.
8. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!



1. In order to be sorted, you will need to fill out the following application.
2. You must elaborate on each of your answers, just imagine there is an invisible "why?" after each question.
3. Remember, we like nice detailed answers; one sentence does not equal a detailed answer.
3. Applications must be under a LJ-cut, this has been already put into the app. Please don't remove it.
4. You cannot sort anyone else or join your common room until you have been stamped by one of your Headmistresses, laurenxxx or _bluetears. This will take place sometime over the weekend, please be patient.
5. If you recieve mostly abstain votes, please reapply in one week. You will be given suggestions on what you need to fix by members during the sorting process.
6. Rudeness will not be tolerated and will result in you being banned.
7. To prove that you have read the rules please put the word "crucio" somewhere in the subject line of your application.

1. Put the house you are sorting the applicant into in the subject line, and bold your vote in your comment.
2. Put your signature at the end of your comment, which includes your name and house.
3. Be polite when voting. (This is a must.)
4. For more details on when you should vote "abstain" or "no vote" go here.
5. Any posts, competition entries, votes etc. that don't contain your name and house will not get you house points, as we won't know where they came from. Please try to remember your signature, we'll only remind you so many times.
6. Each vote will score you 5 house points.
7. People joining via your referral will get you 5 house points.


Sparkely Poo

points: 677
head of house: Amber moonchild1969
common room: da_gryffindor

points: 867
head of house: Cristina soo_crazy_ox
common room: da_hufflepuff

points: 1485
head of house: Danielle freedomisalive
common room: da_ravenclaw

points: 352
head of house: Victoria bend_my_spoon
common room: da_slytherin

Sub communities

_hogwarts_da aka Dumbledore's Army - The main community. Here you can discuss all things Harry Potter. The weekly question is also held in the community every sunday or monday. Here you can post anything Harry Potter. Please remember to be polite and put all long entries behind cuts. You will only be allowed access to this community after you have been sorted.

da_sorting - The sorting community for Dumbledore's Army. This is the community that you join in order to be submist your application and be sorted into a house, which then allows you to join the main community and the rest of the communities. There is only a certain number of applications allowed to be posted per week, so entries are moderated. If you application does not hsow up right away be patient.

da_contests - The contest community for Dumbledore's Army. Here is where contests are held every week for house points. Only the contest managers and headmistresses have posting access to this community. But once you have been sorted into a house you can join this community and participate in it's contests.

da_fanfic - The writing community for Dumbledore's Army. Here is where you can submit your fanfictions and other writings for house points and to show off your talents. Once you have been staped you can join this community and sumbit your things or just comment on what other people have posted. Remember to be polite and use constructive critizism.

da_graphics - The graphics community for Dumbledore's Army. This is a community where you can show off your graphics talents and also earn your house points. We will also be accepting shops in the near future so keep a look out for shop applications. Shops are where you can make sig tags for fellow members for house points. You can only join this community after you have been sorted into a house.

da_trivia - The trivia community for Dumbledore's Army. Here trivia will be posted every week and you can answer the questions for house points and to prove how good you are at trivia. Every week new questions will be posted along with the answers to the last weeks questions. Only the trivia masters and the headmistresses have posting access in this community but anyone can join to answet the questions once you have been sorted.

da_hiatus - The Hiatus community for Dumbledore's Army. This is a community where you make a post if you are going to be away from the community for a time. Please make a post if you are going to be away for 5 days or more. If not you may be deemed inactive and put on probation and then maybe expelled. Anyone can post a hiatus once they have been sorted. The Hiatus List Manager (name could be changed in the future) will make a post every sunday showing the hiatus's in the community.

da_hufflepuff/da_ravenclaw/da_gryffindor/da_slytherin - The common rooms for those people sorted into one of the houses here. The common rooms are used to discuss stratigies, post sorting logs, talk about Harry Potter, and to socialize. Remember to have fun, but not to rude.

da_staff - For those members of the staff that are not HoHs or prefects to discuss what they are doing, and to post points for the headmistresses to add onto the points in the user infos. You can only join this community if you are part of the staff (but not a HoH or a prefect).

da_prefects - For the prefects of the community to get together and dicuss what needs to be done and to talk with the headmitresses. You can only join this community if you are a prefect.

da_heads - For the HoHs to talk with eachother and the headmistresses on the running of the community and the things that need to be done. You can only join this community if you are a HoH.


At DA, we're trying to expand on the sports offered. Quidditch, of course, is here, but we are also working to include other broomstick sports. We're taking them from the book, "Quidditch Through the Ages" and interpreting them so that we may play them online.

This is the biggest sport we have here at DA. Quidditch is open to everyone in the community. Team members are not added in the middle of a match, but we will announce openings when we're ready to fill them so if you keep an eye out, you can get on your house team.

Each Quidditch match lasts three weeks, wherein each team member must complete a task that will be judged by the Head and Deputy Head. Consider what each position's task is related to when choosing your position:

Keeper: Theory/Discussion
Seeker: Trivia
Beater: Graphics
Chaser: Writing

Weekly updates of scores are given in the main community, and final scores are announced at the end of each match. We do reserve spots for those who ask, so if you would like to be on a team, but your position isn't open, give us an email and we'll be sure you get the spot if/when it opens.


sorting: 5 points each
When you sort someone your house gets five points per vote/sort.

referrals: 5 points each
If you refer someone to the community, and they put it in their application, your house gets five points.

weekly question: 5 points each
Every Saturday, we will ask an opinion question, and if you answer it then your house gets five points.

discussion topics: 5-10 points
When you bring up a discussion topic in the main community, you will receive ten points. All people who comment to it will receive five points.

graphics: points vary
When you make icons or banners that are not related to any event that we have announced, you can receive points. We'll usually give 1 point per icon or 5 points per banner. However, if the icons/banners look very similar (same design - one for each house), we may give less. It really depends on what you submit.